Friday, June 25, 2010

First Henna Experience

Ok so this is a month late but that's due to me not being the efficacious blogger I use to be :-/ Anywho...I tried my first henna experiement May 29th and it wasn't as bad or messy as I thought it would be. I purchased some Cassia Henna from I learned a lot from the video tutorial they provide on their site as well as my communication with Sharika who is more than willing to help out a henna newbie. My mixture consisted of castor oil, honey, coconut oil, olive oil & hot water. I let it sit while I showered and then applied all over ensuring each strand was covered. I slept with it over night and rinsed the following morning. Once I got everything out, I began my normal weekend wash routine & honestly I must say the end results were fabulous!! My hair was super soft and strong. This weekend is actually my next scheduled henna treatment, hopefully I'll get to squeeze it in!

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