Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Current Mood....

I'm normally the one spewing nothing but positive vibes into the air...However, today I needed someone/something to send those vibes my way!! I know things can & will turn out for the best, but that impatient beast which lurks between the intersection of positivity and negativity always seems to lure me away from the route that leads me to happiness.

Hopefully tomorrow I'm able to give that hideous creature the middle finger!

Ciao for now ;-)

Monday, November 2, 2009

One Month Anniversay!! =)

Today marks a month since my last relaxer. I'm overly excited about my new journey and find myself looking for NG on a daily basis, lololol. It amazes me how things you never notice become so visible once you educate yourself. As I ride the train, bus, walk the streets of NYC I see myself in every female I encounter due to all of us running to our bi-weekly hair appoints to straighten out the beautiful curls we were born with. I'm done with damaging my hair, rocking the same dooby everyone has once they step out the salon, not knowing what my hair really looks like without applying the creamy crack every 6-8 weeks. I will admit I'm rather nervous in beginning this transition since I haven't styled my own hair since probably High School but that nervousness isn't strong enough to change my mind on what I've decided on.

Ciao for now! *muah*