Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are you a Girl On Top??

"You can sit wherever you want on the love-your-job spectrum, but please know that at the end of the day (which in the majority of cases is somewhere between eight and twelve hours), you're spending 70% of your waking life working and that's simply to much life to waste wishing the hours away" - Nicole Williams

The lovely Nicole Williams & my sis Ife @ the Girl On Top launch party

If your looking for insightful, no holds barred advice on how to reach the top of the career ladder, this book is definitely for you! Nicole not only provides straight to the point advice, she gives it to you with a dose laughs. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Nicole at The Girl On Top networking event held at The Limited Pop-Up Store located at 134 Spring St (FYI - we found some fabulous work attire at this location, ugghhh) this past Thursday and not only was she inspiring, she was extremely down to earth. I loved how she took the time to work the room, greet all her supporters, sign books and take pics all with a smile. This book is definitely a good read and suggest it to anyone who's ready to climb that ladder of success!

Same page or different chapters???

"Is it a bad thing if our feelings aren't on the same page?". Its definitely possible for two people not to be on the same page in regards to feelings in my book. The question is, how long is one willing to sit idly awaiting for this person to join them on their level. Women love harder then men, that's a known fact. However, I find its a complete waste of time when you've realized your putting in way to much time and effort into something for the individual to still hold you in the "I Like You" category!

Love hard but stay wise!!

Ciao for now ;-)

Monday, October 19, 2009

I've Just Made the Decision...

To go natural! Its been a long time coming but with my constant unhappiness with the state of my hair after each salon visit, the 6-8hrs spent in the salon on the one down day I have out the week & my current inspiration/motivation/support factor who herself made the transition I've finally said enough JUST DO IT & that I did! October 3rd was my last perm hopefully for the rest of my life spent on god's green earth. I was totally shocked at all the information available via the Internet to help one with making this their final decision. I've learned so much over the last 4 days from my gf & the websites she's recommend that its made me ask myself why haven't I done this sooner.

I wanted to start my first natural entry with what my hair looks like today this way a difference can be seen when I post an updated pic three months from now. There will be no BC (Big Chop) here, I'm really not ready for such a big step. If transitioning the long way doesn't work out as planned, then I will either choose a transition style I love or the BC. I'm super excited with this choice and can't wait to see the results. I'm mentally preparing myself for the long road ahead of me but I do know reverting back to relaxers is definitely not an option for me!! I've discussed this change with a few I hold close to me and of course received mixed reviews. Some questioned why would I want to do something like that. My response to them is, why wouldn't I want to embrace my natural beauty. The question we should be asking is why are we altering our natural hair in order to be accepted by those who feel our hair makes us who we are. I'm totally over damaging my hair, mind, body & soul in order to fit in with the status quo. If I'm not accepted for who I am based on how my hair looks, that's their lost not mines. Stay tuned for updates as I'm sure I will have plenty to say through out this transition, lol.

Ciao for now ;-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dreams Really Can Come True!

Although the pic says be afraid not to try, I've sadly fallen into the group of people who are afraid to try. I won't go as far as saying I've given up on my dreams, but I will say I've placed them on the back burner for wayyyyyyyyyy to long. A girlfriend of mines called me expressing her future plans to me and if I thought she was crazy for even considering quitting the realms of Corporate America to pursue her dreams. No one should ever feel their dreams are not worth pursuing!! My response to her was, "You should definitely do it. You will never know until you go for it, shit I wish I could make such a move with all my responsibilities". It was her response to my statement that completely blew me, "But why wouldn't you?? I mean it is something you really want & we both share the same responsibilities so why can't you make the same decision?" I've always allowed being a single mother, bills, being the responsible one deter me from doing what I'm most passionate about. Is there ever a right time, right place?? If we don't take that leap of faith on our dreams, how will we ever know it can one day become a reality. Making my dreams come to fruition will happen, it may not be today, tomorrow or this year but it will happen within this life time. How many of you have a passion for more than what you have??? How many of you are determined to make it happen by all means necessary??

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

November 1st will mark 14 years since the passing of my Great-Grandmother who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Cancer affects many households and is known as one of the most common cause of death amongst women of all ethnicity's. Let's continue our fight against all forms of cancer by donating, walking, volunteering, anything to help find a cure for this deadly disease. The above charm bracelet retails for $5 at my webstore www.youravon.com/afladger along with many other Pink Ribbon items. 100% of the profits made from any Pink Ribbon item is donated to Avon's Breast Cancer Crusade. Please also support Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer October 11, 2009. For more info, click on the following link http://www.avoncompany.com/women/avoncrusade/index.html

Ciao :-)