Sunday, March 29, 2009

My baby....

Today was my princess 3rd birthday!!! I love my god baby to death...Look @ that face, how can you not, LOL, LOL. She had THE best birthday yet...A trip to Barnum & Bailey Circus, a shopping trip to Toys R Us & a surprise party waiting for her at home to end such a special day!!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Lovely Day :)

Today was a great day!!! I had the pleasure of having brunch with SOME of my favorite girls...A few weren't able to make it due to other things but we'll get together again soon. Neways, we went to a great restaurant called G-Bar here in the Bronx for their Champagne brunch. We had an awesome time!!!! Unlimited Mimosa's, Bellini's, Bloody Mary's, Champagne, Sodas combined with an open buffet. We shut the place down today, LOL, LOL. After hours of endless laughs, unlimited drinks & plenty of food...Everyone went home happy & elated!!!! Ohhhh, I also surprised the ladies with little gift bags just to thank them for being such great friends :) We had so much fun, we've decided to make this our monthly spot!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Go, Go, Go, Go.....

Shawtyyyyyyyy its ya birthday, your gonna party like its ya birthday, LOL, LOL....Happy Birthday to my brother from a different mother!!! Dre has been nothing but the TRUEST friend one can have & I'm blessed to have someone like you in my life!!!! This birthday is a veryyyyyy special one for you & those close to you so live it up & party like the rockstar you are!!!!!
Love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)


Its a lovelyyyyyyyy Friday & I dare not complain!!! Our CO office had a late opening this morning...You wanna know why??? Inclement weather, smh...Its now 20 degrees out in CO with a blizzard warning for the next 24hrs. Sweeties, I'm truly blessed for the high 60's were expecting today and will not sit here like "Negative Nancy"(Thxxx for that Jillian)and complain allll damn day long, SMH!!!

Have a FANTABULOUS weekend everyone :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Video of The Week..

I'm truly digging Miss Solange!!!

Well I'll Be Damned!!!

Remember this adorable young lad out in Britain who was very excited to become a dad??? Well, it seems as if Alfie's 15yr old sweetheart Chantelle was rather busy during their relationship!!! Two young men have come forward since the birth of baby Maisie claiming they may potentially be the father of Chantelle's baby girl. Alfie's mom decided the only way to prove who in fact is the father of baby Maisie, a paternity test would be needed. Unfortunately for Alfie, test results proved he in fact is not the father. This situation is a sad and troubling situation!! Sad because for a young CHILD, Alfie stood up to the responsibility of taking care of this child. Something most grown men can't even do. Troubling because who in the heck were watching over these children while they were running a mock making babies?? SMH...Hopefully a valuable lesson can come out of this unfortunate mess. I will use this example every time a young lady calls this house asking to speak with my mini me!!! LOL, LOL.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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Count Your Blessings!!

Things could be a million times worst for many of us during this financial crisis our economy is facing. It amazes me how many of us still find something to complain about, even get down right pissed!! SMDH @ you!! I'm thankful every morning I open my eyes to have a job to complain about, a roof over my head, bills paid on time, food on my table and clothes on my back! I think its amazing any company during such difficult times is able to allot money for bonuses, raises, profit sharing, or any extra cash of that matter to compensate their employees. If your receiving any of these awards companies are NOT obligated to dish out, honey be THANKFUL and not a miserable ungrateful tyrant!! Shoot, I'm happy with just receiving a paycheck, LOL.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Soooooo tomorrow the MTA board will be approving the unanticipated fare hikes which will cause everyone to just quit their jobs since it will take damn near whats left of our paychecks to commute to & from work!! I'm literally at a lost for words...

Here's what the fares will be looking like as of May 31st. Should I take up biking it to work or maybe join a car pool??? Ayyyyyeeeeee MTA what are you trying to do to us???

Single subway or bus ride: From $2 to $2.50
1-day unlimited MetroCard: From $7.50 to $9.50
7-day unlimited MetroCard: From $25 to $31

14-day unlimited MetroCard: From $47 to $59
30-day unlimited MetroCard: From $81 to $103
Express bus cash fare: From $5 to $6.25
7-day unlimited express bus pass: From $41 to $51
Access-a-Ride: From $2 to $2.50 per ride

Cash toll on major bridges and tunnels: From $5 to $6.50
E-Zpass toll on major bridges and tunnels: From $4.15 to $5.26
Cash toll on minor bridges and tunnels: From $2.50 to $3.25
E-ZPass toll on minor bridges: $1.55 to $1.96
Long Island bus: From $2 per ride to $3.50

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ok so I've recently reconnected with someone from my past (something I normally don't practice for various reasons), well refer to him as S for now. Well S was a beau from the past back when relationships and what one expects from them weren't on the brain. Our time together, even though it was short, was honestly one of the best relationships I've had when I sit and think about it. He was caring, extremely attentive, laid back, honest & at such a young age...very family orientated (guess this has plenty to do with the large amount of siblings, niece's & nephews). Well long story short, I moved from the area that brought S & I together....We lost contact for quiet a few years....Bumped into each other & have been enjoying our time together ever since. I will say, I've been VERRRRRRRRY happy since we've reconnected to where I find myself doubting the sincerity of what is said :/ I know it goes totally against what I've been working on in reference to remaining positive with everything I do but I think I'm allowed to have my doubts every now and then when it comes to the topic of relationships....Right???? :/

I'll continue enjoying S for who he is and how he treats me for as long as its around!!! :)

Hmmmmm this sounds like a great question to pose....How many of you believe in giving second chances or what some may call moving backwards in time???

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Lord knows how much I'm trying to maintain my sanity but being trapped in a hot, crowded train underground for 45 mins is reason enough for me to lose it!!! WTF, WTF, WTF...I'm so flippin tired of this non-sense!! Maybe if I send 100 letters of compliant with various alias, I can @ least receive a temporary if not permament peaceful & speedy ride home over the nxt few months :rolling my damn eyes:

WTF you staring @???? Uggghhh lord please get me off this thing before the next announcement states, "Ladies and Gentlemen, We Apologize For The Delay but Where Being Held Due to a BITCH SLAP!!!" >:O

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The TRUE love of my life!!!

Sooo with my mini me's 11th birthday only months away...I'm starting to travel the road of nostalgia!!! I remember when I use to just smell his breath when he was 3mths old, how everything use to make him crack up, his first step, his first full sentence, "Oh Shit Momma" (crazy thing, all the boys in my fam's first full word was SHIT...What a mess!!) Now I'm here trying to figure out what Junior High School he should go to, what sports he should play & if he's old enough to get a part-time job, hahahahaha...Shoot, at the rate this child is growing...I'm going to have to really consider pole dancing as a second job, LMAO.

"Everything mommy does, its all for you...The QT time sacrificed is to make your future that much better...The punishments are only to ensure you know right from wrong...The endless kisses will last till mommy goes to meet her heavenly father!!!"

Loveeeeeeee you Jordan!!! :)