Monday, December 7, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Current Mood....

I'm normally the one spewing nothing but positive vibes into the air...However, today I needed someone/something to send those vibes my way!! I know things can & will turn out for the best, but that impatient beast which lurks between the intersection of positivity and negativity always seems to lure me away from the route that leads me to happiness.

Hopefully tomorrow I'm able to give that hideous creature the middle finger!

Ciao for now ;-)

Monday, November 2, 2009

One Month Anniversay!! =)

Today marks a month since my last relaxer. I'm overly excited about my new journey and find myself looking for NG on a daily basis, lololol. It amazes me how things you never notice become so visible once you educate yourself. As I ride the train, bus, walk the streets of NYC I see myself in every female I encounter due to all of us running to our bi-weekly hair appoints to straighten out the beautiful curls we were born with. I'm done with damaging my hair, rocking the same dooby everyone has once they step out the salon, not knowing what my hair really looks like without applying the creamy crack every 6-8 weeks. I will admit I'm rather nervous in beginning this transition since I haven't styled my own hair since probably High School but that nervousness isn't strong enough to change my mind on what I've decided on.

Ciao for now! *muah*

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are you a Girl On Top??

"You can sit wherever you want on the love-your-job spectrum, but please know that at the end of the day (which in the majority of cases is somewhere between eight and twelve hours), you're spending 70% of your waking life working and that's simply to much life to waste wishing the hours away" - Nicole Williams

The lovely Nicole Williams & my sis Ife @ the Girl On Top launch party

If your looking for insightful, no holds barred advice on how to reach the top of the career ladder, this book is definitely for you! Nicole not only provides straight to the point advice, she gives it to you with a dose laughs. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Nicole at The Girl On Top networking event held at The Limited Pop-Up Store located at 134 Spring St (FYI - we found some fabulous work attire at this location, ugghhh) this past Thursday and not only was she inspiring, she was extremely down to earth. I loved how she took the time to work the room, greet all her supporters, sign books and take pics all with a smile. This book is definitely a good read and suggest it to anyone who's ready to climb that ladder of success!

Same page or different chapters???

"Is it a bad thing if our feelings aren't on the same page?". Its definitely possible for two people not to be on the same page in regards to feelings in my book. The question is, how long is one willing to sit idly awaiting for this person to join them on their level. Women love harder then men, that's a known fact. However, I find its a complete waste of time when you've realized your putting in way to much time and effort into something for the individual to still hold you in the "I Like You" category!

Love hard but stay wise!!

Ciao for now ;-)

Monday, October 19, 2009

I've Just Made the Decision...

To go natural! Its been a long time coming but with my constant unhappiness with the state of my hair after each salon visit, the 6-8hrs spent in the salon on the one down day I have out the week & my current inspiration/motivation/support factor who herself made the transition I've finally said enough JUST DO IT & that I did! October 3rd was my last perm hopefully for the rest of my life spent on god's green earth. I was totally shocked at all the information available via the Internet to help one with making this their final decision. I've learned so much over the last 4 days from my gf & the websites she's recommend that its made me ask myself why haven't I done this sooner.

I wanted to start my first natural entry with what my hair looks like today this way a difference can be seen when I post an updated pic three months from now. There will be no BC (Big Chop) here, I'm really not ready for such a big step. If transitioning the long way doesn't work out as planned, then I will either choose a transition style I love or the BC. I'm super excited with this choice and can't wait to see the results. I'm mentally preparing myself for the long road ahead of me but I do know reverting back to relaxers is definitely not an option for me!! I've discussed this change with a few I hold close to me and of course received mixed reviews. Some questioned why would I want to do something like that. My response to them is, why wouldn't I want to embrace my natural beauty. The question we should be asking is why are we altering our natural hair in order to be accepted by those who feel our hair makes us who we are. I'm totally over damaging my hair, mind, body & soul in order to fit in with the status quo. If I'm not accepted for who I am based on how my hair looks, that's their lost not mines. Stay tuned for updates as I'm sure I will have plenty to say through out this transition, lol.

Ciao for now ;-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dreams Really Can Come True!

Although the pic says be afraid not to try, I've sadly fallen into the group of people who are afraid to try. I won't go as far as saying I've given up on my dreams, but I will say I've placed them on the back burner for wayyyyyyyyyy to long. A girlfriend of mines called me expressing her future plans to me and if I thought she was crazy for even considering quitting the realms of Corporate America to pursue her dreams. No one should ever feel their dreams are not worth pursuing!! My response to her was, "You should definitely do it. You will never know until you go for it, shit I wish I could make such a move with all my responsibilities". It was her response to my statement that completely blew me, "But why wouldn't you?? I mean it is something you really want & we both share the same responsibilities so why can't you make the same decision?" I've always allowed being a single mother, bills, being the responsible one deter me from doing what I'm most passionate about. Is there ever a right time, right place?? If we don't take that leap of faith on our dreams, how will we ever know it can one day become a reality. Making my dreams come to fruition will happen, it may not be today, tomorrow or this year but it will happen within this life time. How many of you have a passion for more than what you have??? How many of you are determined to make it happen by all means necessary??

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

November 1st will mark 14 years since the passing of my Great-Grandmother who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Cancer affects many households and is known as one of the most common cause of death amongst women of all ethnicity's. Let's continue our fight against all forms of cancer by donating, walking, volunteering, anything to help find a cure for this deadly disease. The above charm bracelet retails for $5 at my webstore along with many other Pink Ribbon items. 100% of the profits made from any Pink Ribbon item is donated to Avon's Breast Cancer Crusade. Please also support Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer October 11, 2009. For more info, click on the following link

Ciao :-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Statue of Limitations on Relationships??

A statute of limitations is a statute in a common law legal system that sets forth the maximum period of time, after certain events, that legal proceedings based on those events may be initiated.

Now, were gonna add a little twist to this definition so it can apply to relationships. Should relationships also have a statue of limitation? Recently I've notice women entering relationships not based on what their looking for in a man, but in terms of keeping up with everyone within their circle. Does being in a relationship for 2+ yrs warrant an engagement ring? Do you leave after 2yrs due to not getting a ring?? My cousin and I had a rather long conversation recently on this topic and her thoughts were, "I was that person who rushed to get engaged only after a year of our relationship and were did we end up??? Broken up, hating one another for only god knows how long & me seeing rushing a commitment from him was the ultimate demise of our relationship"

My personal views are, if all is well...why mess with it?? Personally, if I can have what I call the "Goldie/Kurt" (who have been together for 26yrs w/o marriage) I'm good!! I consider their relationship based on pure love and having a piece of paper to solidify their union is absolutely unnecessary!

Will you rock with a "Goldie/Kurt" or will you bounce after putting in a few years, all is well...shit, all is GREAT but just that ring & paper are missing???

Ciao for now ;-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stupidity at its finest....

This is just ridiculous. Listen, get over it...He's been YOUR President for how long now??? If you can't move past your prejudice views....Maybe you should consider resigning your post!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So it seems...

everyone is on the shaved-side bandwagon. I'm a die hard Keyshia fan but I'm not 100% sure if I'm feeling this look.

What do you guys think???

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just Doesn't Make Sense to Me

Ok, so I received an email on the following story and literally rolled my eyes. I've already felt our justice system is overly abused and cases like this just prove my point more and more. As a graduate of this same school, I feel this lawsuit is definitely without merit and should be tossed to the side!!! Personally, I feel Ms. Thompson is taking out her frustrations of the current job market out on the school through the legal system. Monroe has always provided assistance for both their current students and graduates as far as providing leads on open positions (which are posted through out their school), resume assistance, interview preps, every thing possible to help prepare someone land the job they want. Should the school be held accountable if after the interviewing process your not called back? Is it their fault if you feel the position being offered just isn't right for you? A justifiable suit or just another case of a free handout....You be the judge!!">JOBLESS GRAD SUES COLLEGE FOR 70G TUITION

Ciao Bellas & Capos ;-)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Say It Ain't Soooo....

As of August 1st, New York's sales tax has increased half a point sending it up to 8.875%!! In this day & age, every point matters. This new change will now cost New Yorker's an extra 50 cents on every hundred we spend. I just find it hard to understand with all these increases, why aren't salaries steadily increasing in order to help individuals tread above water??? Inquiring minds definitely want to know!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Put aside my...

fear of social anxiety and became an Avon representative!!! Even though I may come across to some as a social butterfly, I'm reallyyyyy not that quick to open up and start a convo with strangers. However, I love damn near all of Avon's products and believe 1000% in what they stand for as an organization, so why not become part of their team! Please show support and stop by my web store,

Ciao lovelies!!! ;-)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quote of The Day

"If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul."

~ Rabbi Harold Kushner ~

Yadda, Yadda, Yaaaaa....

Today has been a rather blasé day for me :-/ (that's how my face has looked literally all day, lol). I think I did it to myself...After a wonderful Monday, my mind became compressed with a slew of issues all vying for that number one spot within my brain. I find I become very anxious when I have a head full of ideas and goals and quite frankly, I feel this anxiety is what becomes my ultimate downfall in completing every single thing I want to do.

I picked up the cutest journal while carousing the aisles of Barnes & Nobles and decided to write down each & every idea, thought, goal that pops into my head. Next to each item, I will list a REALISTIC completion date(having a realistic date is key in accomplishing anything!!!). I've heard numerous times how helpful this process has been so why not give it a try!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Is This Really The End...

Or a brief hiatus?? Reps for both sides are stating how saddened both Reggie & Kim are over this break-up but hope to maybe one day reconcile the love they've once shared. I really had hopes for these two!!! I hope all works out for them in the near future....Doesn't it suck how celebrity relationships tend to have a shorter life span than goldfish nowadays?? *SUCKS*



If you incorporate this into your daily regime, you'll see how life becomes the easiest task to complete on your daily to do list!! Learn to enjoy life more, don't let it fly by you....You'll definitely live to regret it!!!

Ciao ;-)

Take Two of These &

Smile as if it was contagious!! While googling for a pic to describe how uncontrollably happy I was on this rainy Monday, I came across the cutest pic and found something even more interesting! These lovely pills above exist in a store out in Barcelona called, "Happy Pills". Two of these a day will definitely keep my happy motor running. So I guess until a store of this nature opens up here in NYC, a bag of Skittles placed oh so diligently in a dainty pill bottle will have to suffice ;-)

Now be a good patient & re-up on your HAPPY PILLS!!! :-)


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Left Side of My Brian.....

This weekend became turned out to be a therapeutic one, something very much needed. I would have to say I’ve learned a LOT about myself and something’s need to be addressed immediately. It’s always a good thing to take a mental break…sadly for me; I haven’t done so in a VERY long time. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

1. Focus way too much time and energy on helping others with their issues. (Learning how to let go and allowing others to learn for self)
2. Worry over things I have no control over. Fretting isn’t going to resolve them so I must learn to literally LET GO, LET GOD! (Handle the things I have control over & praying on those I don’t)
3. Not having more time for self. (Taking an hour or so a day focusing on ME)
4. Work harder on reaching the goals I have lined up. (Less talking, more action)

Other than working on my mental state, I was able to spend some wonderful QT with my fam as well as some muchhhh needed QT with my man, Mr. Sun who has seem to be rather busy elsewhere this Summer. I came home this weekend with a lovely tan and I’m very thankful to my hon Mr. Sun for sticking around longer than normal, lololol.

Well mi amors, I’m growing rather lethargic while riding this comfy LIRR home….Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!!

Ciao for now ~besos~

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stays Killin It...

No need for words!!

Is She Serious???

I'm a little perplexed as to why Ms. Steffans feels she's the "RELATIONSHIP GURU". How To Find, Seduce & Keep The Man You Want...Hmmm, very interesting. This title leads me to believe her intent during her past...maybe present whorecapdes (lololol, cute new slang word!) was to in fact steal someones man since none of the men in her past where in fact SINGLE. After the first two books, you would think the backlash was enough to keep Ms. Steffans where she the dark!! Can't fault her though...If it wasn't for the many men she's entertained over the years, she wouldn't have enough to put together three best-sellers!!! Hustling at its finest!

Maybe I should pick this book up and add to my comical collection since I laugh every time I hear the title "The Vixen Manual" lololololol.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My New Thought Bible

It can be a difficult task maintaining a positive state of mind with all one has to deal with on a daily basis....However, its something I feel we all should work harder on doing!! Here's a quote from this book...It truly opens your eyes and gives you a completely new perspective on how warped our thinking process is!!

"Its is a pity, too, for there are so many problems created by life itself that dilute our happiness that it is indeed most foolish to distill further unhappiness within our own mind. How Foolish to manufacture personal unhappiness to add to all the other difficulties over which you have little or no control!" ~Norman Vincent Peale~

Its funny how with all that's going on in the world now, we literally take the time to add more negative ish to our already swamped brain. If you have the time, give this book a run through!!

Ciao for now!!

Hate it or Love it?????

For weeks Solange has been referring to an upcoming drastic change via twitter & she's finally displayed her change. I loveeee everything about Miss Solange & think the cut fits her!

I would love to hear your views!! Fashion Do or a Fashion No-No??

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Only God Before Their Eyes"

Hey my blogging fam...Yes, yes its been a minute since my last post but I'm bacckkkkk!!!

Here's my latest addition to my tatt family...This phrase caught my eyes & I just couldn't shake it so I decided to make it a lasting imprint ;-)

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Let The Countdown Begin!!

Two weeks from today my lil/big man will be 11yrs old!! Whew, time sure does fly by & god knows how much I miss the baby days (definitely cheaper then compared to what were shelling out now, LOL, LOL). I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful son =)

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Friday, May 15, 2009


HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!!! Some of us need the above more than others...So drink it up (responsibly of course), live it up & laugh it up!!!! Have a wonderful weekend =)

Train No-No's by Adina, LOL

So in a perfect world, there would be a train etiquette class offered quarterly buttttttt in reality, my dream of that happening will continue being just that...a DREAM. If a few of these rules were followed, I think we will all get to work feeling less uuuhhhhh I guess the proper word would be HOSTILE, LOL.

Rule #1 - Please, puhleasseee learn the word excuse me!! Yes the train is crowded, yes your just trying to fit in but damn saying excuse me as you knock everyone down to get in won't kill you!

Rule #2 - If the person in front of you is not going into the train as soon as the doors open, it may just be due to the 100 ppl running out the doors & their trying to avoid getting knocked down. Please don't add to their frustration by pushing them out the way so you can make it in. Dude, were not standing here taking in the scenery!

Rule #3 - Please cover your damn mouth when yawning, sneezing, whatever your doing with your damn mouth, just cover the shit up!! I'm not up to smelling your hot ass breath nor up to catching whatever may be breeding in your system!

Rule #4 - Please know we don't care how old you are!! It does NOT give you the right to knock us down just so you can get a seat...Respect ya elders??? Well, I respect those who respect themselves & others so if your acting like a wild beast thinking you'll be excused due to your age...Think again!

Rule #5 - Respect others personal space!! Ummmm, seriously...We did not wake up together so why must we be face to face??? Dry humping is also not an option...Well unless your a great piece of eye candy!

Rule #6 - We can all tell if we can fit in a seat or not...I don't care how tired you are, be considerate of others! If you know the seat is small enough to where a person wearing a size 0 can't fit in it, don't squeeze yourself in the seat & not expect a good ass cursing along with dirty stares!!

I can go on & on & on but I'll leave it off with some key factors for right now. Maybe I should send this to MTA...Hmmmmmm, LOL

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Check This Out!!!

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee participating in contest & what's better than partaking in one that's being offered by one of my favoriteeee bloggers =) Head right over and check out my girl Jillian who's hosting a contest which offers some wonderful prizes!!!! If your not a follower....I don't know what your waiting for, but please do so now ;)

My Jilly Beanzzzzz is THE best & always manages to keep me in positivity check, LOL, LOL. So now that your done reading this, head over & enter her contest already!!!

Something To Ponder....

While listening to Wendy Williams yesterday (yea I LOVE her whatttt, LOL), a caller called in with a very interesting question! The caller recently met someone about a month ago & they started dating. After a few dates, the individual revealed to the caller they were HIV positive. The caller wanted to know if he should continue dating this person or move forward.

My question to you is, would you consider dating someone you may be really into once you found out they were HIV positive?

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Career Slump!!

Normally one goes through a phase called soul searching...A method used to find yourself, what you really want out of life, who you want to share your life with, blah, blah, blah, I think you get my drift. Instead of me finding out who I really am, I'm trying to find out where I want to be career wise and its not an easy task at all :/ Hopefully I can sort this mess out sooner than later!!! For now, I will move this off my already long list of mental stress

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So am I the only one....

Who thinks all the excitement over these supposed leaked nude pics of Cassie unnecessary?? I mean seriously people, this is not the first nor last time we will see nudies of celebrities!!! Could she even be the one responsible for the suppose "leaked pics"?? Yeah & again she will not be the first nor last celebrity to do so!! Leave the girl alone, if she likes to world checking out her what her momma gave her then who are we to get so upset?? LOL, LOL

P.S. - Her six pack is sick!!! Hahahahahahahaha

Happy Mother's Day!!

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.”

~Washington Irving~

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful, smart, strong, hardworking, fabulous mother's, aunt's, grandmother's, great-grandmother's, godmother's, step-mother's, all the women who dedicate their lives to raising us into the smart, driven, hardworking men and women we are today!!!


Friday, May 8, 2009

How Nasty Are You????

Ok ladies, this is something that's always gotten under my skin...I know we were all raised to know whenever the ladies room is used, your to wash your hands!! Well so I thought until I've seen a rather large amount of women come out the stall, take time to give themselves a look over & then head straight out the restroom as if they never used it, YUCKKKKKK!!!

I found it even more disturbing after reading a poll conducted by Glamour (June Issue) which stated 24% of the women polled DO NOT wash every time after using the bathroom. SMH, ladies come on. Then we have the nerve to complain when ppl sneeze and cough w/o covering their mouth due to the germs their spreading. Well just so you'll know, germs die once their airborne! However, all the germs you now have setting up shop on your hand will be passed right along to your loved one, co-workers, whomever you come in contact with. Again, YUUCKKKKK!!

So while your making sure that fly away strand is intact & your gloss is shinning oh so fiercely, please do the world a favor & take 15 extra seconds to properly wash with soap after tinkling!!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Look

Recently I've become so torn in growing my hair back naturally or keeping my short look. A gf of mines recently directed me to a site where you can find helpful tips on how you can manage your hair while going through the transition process of relaxed hair to natural. It seems so easy on paper but the maintenance behind it just seems a lot for someone like me who's constantly on the go. I'm definitely not into cutting my hair anymore which must ppl who go natural do. Hopefully I can decide on something soon but for right now, I'm content with my short cut!!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Do You Rate This???

Ok soooooo anyone who knows me knows that I simply loveee Rihanna's style!!!However, I'm not sure if I'm totally won over with the ensemble she choose for the MET Ball. Its different, cut is chic/funky, but I think the jacket was just a little to much.....What do you guys think???

P.S. - This sidenote is mostly for my Jillian because she always manages to show me love even when I'm MIA!!! Sorry for my pause...If only I could blog from my Berry, my life would be complete, LOL. I've been doing a lil of everything Jilly Bean =) including the buiness. I'm acutally hoping & working on getting the biz structure finalized sooo keep ya fingers crossed babes :)

Friday, April 10, 2009


Ok so the Old Navy commercials are getting funnier and funnier!!! This one has become my favorite thus far! Enjoy


Ok so everything we do comes about after a carefully, thought out plan...Well it should & majority of the time we don't but hey, we try :/ Anyway, I came across a great article called "The Best Decision Making Tool Ever" while breezing through the pages of Glamours May issue and its really a great tool for everyone when trying to figure out your next move!!!

The 10-10-10 rule helps you sort out things going on in your life by figuring out how this change will impact your life in 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years. After applying this to something I've been indecisive of, it made things 1000x's clearer to me and helped immensely with finalizing my decision.

I strongly recommend everyone give this tool a try & see how it helps your decision making process in figuring out your next best move!!!


Quote of The Month

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."

Maya Angelou

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Will he ever be....

recognized as a real rapper???? Ummmm, I personally feel NO!! His career has fallen off a loooooooong time ago, something he apparently hasn't realized. Everyone will continue to see him as "Lil Bow Wow", the cute little boy with the cornrows Snoop brought on stage with him back on his Chronic Tour in 93. His constant display of pompousness, cockiness (nothing wrong with having it but going over board with it is a major prob!!), verbal attacks on other rappers, in my book seem to hinder his growth as an aspiring, well known rapper. Humbleness will take you to great lengths....Maybe Shad Moss should try that route & see where it leads him!

Oh by the way, I think his 6th or 7th album New Jack City 11 is in stores now. Just an FYI for those who are really concerned, LOL, LOL. Gosh I'm terrible at times ;)

Where Does Time Go....

When you have so many items on your life's To Do List to complete??? Blogging has become my escape from the real world, the world where I can be care-free & worry free. However, with all that's going on within the last few months, as well as the next few months, I haven't even found the time nor energy to escape to my blogging wonderland I've moniked PureSimplicity -sighs-.

Work has been hectic (won't catch me complaining about that...well sometimes, lol), I've been working on the details of my son's surprise graduation, finalizing the details of my business (damn, I let the cat out the bag...How lucky are you Jillian *wink*), working on another project with my sister all while trying to squeeze in some me time, QT with the mini me, QT with the beau & getting 7 full hours of sleep (yeah okay). When your working hard on accomplishing your heart set goals, you find time flying by but remind yourself once you stop, that goal may never be reached :/ Its like a Catch 22 basically!!! Your damned if you do, damned if you don't!!

As always, I miss my blogging family dearly and ask for forgiveness when I go MIA :).

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My baby....

Today was my princess 3rd birthday!!! I love my god baby to death...Look @ that face, how can you not, LOL, LOL. She had THE best birthday yet...A trip to Barnum & Bailey Circus, a shopping trip to Toys R Us & a surprise party waiting for her at home to end such a special day!!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Lovely Day :)

Today was a great day!!! I had the pleasure of having brunch with SOME of my favorite girls...A few weren't able to make it due to other things but we'll get together again soon. Neways, we went to a great restaurant called G-Bar here in the Bronx for their Champagne brunch. We had an awesome time!!!! Unlimited Mimosa's, Bellini's, Bloody Mary's, Champagne, Sodas combined with an open buffet. We shut the place down today, LOL, LOL. After hours of endless laughs, unlimited drinks & plenty of food...Everyone went home happy & elated!!!! Ohhhh, I also surprised the ladies with little gift bags just to thank them for being such great friends :) We had so much fun, we've decided to make this our monthly spot!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Go, Go, Go, Go.....

Shawtyyyyyyyy its ya birthday, your gonna party like its ya birthday, LOL, LOL....Happy Birthday to my brother from a different mother!!! Dre has been nothing but the TRUEST friend one can have & I'm blessed to have someone like you in my life!!!! This birthday is a veryyyyyy special one for you & those close to you so live it up & party like the rockstar you are!!!!!
Love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)


Its a lovelyyyyyyyy Friday & I dare not complain!!! Our CO office had a late opening this morning...You wanna know why??? Inclement weather, smh...Its now 20 degrees out in CO with a blizzard warning for the next 24hrs. Sweeties, I'm truly blessed for the high 60's were expecting today and will not sit here like "Negative Nancy"(Thxxx for that Jillian)and complain allll damn day long, SMH!!!

Have a FANTABULOUS weekend everyone :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Video of The Week..

I'm truly digging Miss Solange!!!

Well I'll Be Damned!!!

Remember this adorable young lad out in Britain who was very excited to become a dad??? Well, it seems as if Alfie's 15yr old sweetheart Chantelle was rather busy during their relationship!!! Two young men have come forward since the birth of baby Maisie claiming they may potentially be the father of Chantelle's baby girl. Alfie's mom decided the only way to prove who in fact is the father of baby Maisie, a paternity test would be needed. Unfortunately for Alfie, test results proved he in fact is not the father. This situation is a sad and troubling situation!! Sad because for a young CHILD, Alfie stood up to the responsibility of taking care of this child. Something most grown men can't even do. Troubling because who in the heck were watching over these children while they were running a mock making babies?? SMH...Hopefully a valuable lesson can come out of this unfortunate mess. I will use this example every time a young lady calls this house asking to speak with my mini me!!! LOL, LOL.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The Newest Female On-line Mag which consist of an e-community of strong beautiful women of all races colors and creeds who will provide a myriad of information from Fashion / Beauty / Relationship Advice to Entertainment News and Current Events.

Definitely check out & subscribe to this site!!!

P.S. - Launch Party coming soon...Stay Tuned for more info

Count Your Blessings!!

Things could be a million times worst for many of us during this financial crisis our economy is facing. It amazes me how many of us still find something to complain about, even get down right pissed!! SMDH @ you!! I'm thankful every morning I open my eyes to have a job to complain about, a roof over my head, bills paid on time, food on my table and clothes on my back! I think its amazing any company during such difficult times is able to allot money for bonuses, raises, profit sharing, or any extra cash of that matter to compensate their employees. If your receiving any of these awards companies are NOT obligated to dish out, honey be THANKFUL and not a miserable ungrateful tyrant!! Shoot, I'm happy with just receiving a paycheck, LOL.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Soooooo tomorrow the MTA board will be approving the unanticipated fare hikes which will cause everyone to just quit their jobs since it will take damn near whats left of our paychecks to commute to & from work!! I'm literally at a lost for words...

Here's what the fares will be looking like as of May 31st. Should I take up biking it to work or maybe join a car pool??? Ayyyyyeeeeee MTA what are you trying to do to us???

Single subway or bus ride: From $2 to $2.50
1-day unlimited MetroCard: From $7.50 to $9.50
7-day unlimited MetroCard: From $25 to $31

14-day unlimited MetroCard: From $47 to $59
30-day unlimited MetroCard: From $81 to $103
Express bus cash fare: From $5 to $6.25
7-day unlimited express bus pass: From $41 to $51
Access-a-Ride: From $2 to $2.50 per ride

Cash toll on major bridges and tunnels: From $5 to $6.50
E-Zpass toll on major bridges and tunnels: From $4.15 to $5.26
Cash toll on minor bridges and tunnels: From $2.50 to $3.25
E-ZPass toll on minor bridges: $1.55 to $1.96
Long Island bus: From $2 per ride to $3.50

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ok so I've recently reconnected with someone from my past (something I normally don't practice for various reasons), well refer to him as S for now. Well S was a beau from the past back when relationships and what one expects from them weren't on the brain. Our time together, even though it was short, was honestly one of the best relationships I've had when I sit and think about it. He was caring, extremely attentive, laid back, honest & at such a young age...very family orientated (guess this has plenty to do with the large amount of siblings, niece's & nephews). Well long story short, I moved from the area that brought S & I together....We lost contact for quiet a few years....Bumped into each other & have been enjoying our time together ever since. I will say, I've been VERRRRRRRRY happy since we've reconnected to where I find myself doubting the sincerity of what is said :/ I know it goes totally against what I've been working on in reference to remaining positive with everything I do but I think I'm allowed to have my doubts every now and then when it comes to the topic of relationships....Right???? :/

I'll continue enjoying S for who he is and how he treats me for as long as its around!!! :)

Hmmmmm this sounds like a great question to pose....How many of you believe in giving second chances or what some may call moving backwards in time???

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Lord knows how much I'm trying to maintain my sanity but being trapped in a hot, crowded train underground for 45 mins is reason enough for me to lose it!!! WTF, WTF, WTF...I'm so flippin tired of this non-sense!! Maybe if I send 100 letters of compliant with various alias, I can @ least receive a temporary if not permament peaceful & speedy ride home over the nxt few months :rolling my damn eyes:

WTF you staring @???? Uggghhh lord please get me off this thing before the next announcement states, "Ladies and Gentlemen, We Apologize For The Delay but Where Being Held Due to a BITCH SLAP!!!" >:O

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The TRUE love of my life!!!

Sooo with my mini me's 11th birthday only months away...I'm starting to travel the road of nostalgia!!! I remember when I use to just smell his breath when he was 3mths old, how everything use to make him crack up, his first step, his first full sentence, "Oh Shit Momma" (crazy thing, all the boys in my fam's first full word was SHIT...What a mess!!) Now I'm here trying to figure out what Junior High School he should go to, what sports he should play & if he's old enough to get a part-time job, hahahahaha...Shoot, at the rate this child is growing...I'm going to have to really consider pole dancing as a second job, LMAO.

"Everything mommy does, its all for you...The QT time sacrificed is to make your future that much better...The punishments are only to ensure you know right from wrong...The endless kisses will last till mommy goes to meet her heavenly father!!!"

Loveeeeeeee you Jordan!!! :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Suggestions Anyone

First, please excuse my bed...It doesn't always look that messy, LOL. I'm looking for a chic & sexy fit to go with these boots!! I'm definitely thinking of rocking some leggings but top wise, I'm completly @ a lost. The boots are a grayish/black color....Any suggestions??? This fit is for the club which I haven't been in a loooooooooong time (perfer lounges now more than ever!!) but for my boo's bday's, I make the exception ;)

Ok So....

I've envisioned this new look of me this year & I actually think I can pull this one off!!! I literally see it in my head every dang day so I've chucked it up as this is what the new me is too look like....Phase one will take place nxt wknd so hopefully you guys will see those pics no later than the 13th of nxt mth since we will be celebrating someones bday (she shall remain nameless right now) and since we know how to party....It will take a few days to recover, LOL. I hope I LOVE this look because even though it looks right mentally, it may not look so hot in person!!